Grace is back in town, and she’s on a mission. Her father, Bishop James Greenleaf, isn’t quite sure what her intentions are, so he reaches out to Mavis McCready, the family’s other black sheep, to unlock the mystery.

As they take a lakeside stroll in the brisk weather, Mavis senses that there’s something weighing on the bishop’s mind.

“So, what’s going on, James?” Mavis says after some small talk.

“Gigi’s preaching tomorrow,” the bishop says, calling Grace by the family nickname.

Mavis stops in her tracks. “Preaching? Seriously?”

“Eleven a.m. if you’re interested,” the bishop says.

The pair starts walking again. “This is her idea?” Mavis says.

“No, no. I asked her to do it,” the bishop says.

“And what does Mae have to say about this?” Mavis asks, eyebrows raised.

“Oh, she’s characteristically ecstatic,” the bishop says, and they share a chuckle.

The bishop grows serious. “What I want to know is, when I asked her to do it, she said no. Then, when I asked her why she’s so set against it, she said that’s not what she came home to do,” the bishop says. “Do you know what she meant? What did she come home to do?”

“You know,” Mavis says, meeting the bishop’s eyes.

“No, I don’t,” the bishop insists. “Though, I really—”

Mavis cuts him off. “Yes, you do. You know. And that’s why you called me. That’s why you came by here to see me: to let me know you know.” Mavis pauses. “What?”

“Whenever I’m with you like this, it occurs to me that, well, maybe I missed my life. You know, like a train,” the bishop says wistfully. “Did I miss it?”

“Trains leave the station every day, James, you just got to get on.”