Most people wonder, at some point, what their parents were like before they were born. Mavis suggests that her brother-in-law, Bishop James Greenleaf, was a very different person before his daughter Grace entered the world.

Seated across from Grace in her Beale Street blues bar that was recently shut down, Mavis hints at a time in the bishop’s younger days when he was more worldly. “See, what you don’t know is, by the time you were born your father was…” Mavis pauses. “He was who he is now. He was that man, but there was a time before you knew him when he was somebody else. He just wanted to live, and he wanted to experience all that God created for us. He didn’t want to stand apart from it, and he didn’t want to proclaim a gospel about it.”

Grace, for her part, could be following in her father’s footsteps into the ministry, and Mavis expresses her concerns. “I never wanted that for you. I never did, and I never would have led you down this path if I’d known it would,” Mavis says, defeated. “So what do I know?”